The Red Pill and the Blue Pill: A Metaphor for Self-Defense

At the beginning of the 1999 sci-fi blockbuster hit The Matrix, the protagonist Neo is presented with a consequential choice. He is offered a red pill, which would allow him to understand the world outside of his “matrix” of false reality. The alternative is taking the blue pill, which would return him to the blissful… Continue reading The Red Pill and the Blue Pill: A Metaphor for Self-Defense

Violence: A Changing View

How Society Views Violence Over the Years Violence has been a part of human society since the beginning of time. It has been used to solve problems, gain power, and express anger and frustration. At one point in history, violence was seen as a legitimate way to achieve these goals. But in recent years there… Continue reading Violence: A Changing View

The Power of Positive Words

The words that come out of your mouth, therefore create the reality you inhabit. We often hear the phrase “words have power,” but did you know that they can also have a profound impact on the growth and health of living things? Recent studies suggest that when we speak positively to plants and use encouraging… Continue reading The Power of Positive Words

The ethics of self-defense

Self Defense As a Core Value The ethics of self-defense is a complex issue with no simple answers. There are many different factors to consider, such as the severity of the threat, the imminence of the threat, and the alternatives to using force. I recently came across a study called “Practice Evil” that contradicted everything… Continue reading The ethics of self-defense

Be The Kind Stranger

Courageous Kindness ​ A stranger helped a woman in New York City on the subway after she was verbally harassed and followed onto her train. The woman shared on social media how a man named Michael read the situation and came up with an ingenious tactic to help her out of harm’s way. Michael pretended… Continue reading Be The Kind Stranger

What Kind Of a Stalker Are You Dealing With?

The Five Kind Of Stalkers Stalking affects millions of people around the world and can be dangerous. It is a form of harassment that can cause severe psychological and emotional distress for the victim. It is often based on obsession (a persistent unhealthy preoccupation with a particular person) and can stem from various factors, such… Continue reading What Kind Of a Stalker Are You Dealing With?

Inside a Stalker’s Mind

How to Handle A Stalker? Over the years, many people who sought self defense training with us reported being stalked by an ex-partner, obsessive neighbor, or someone they didn’t know. I can only imagine how scary it might feel when you are being watched and observed by a random person or by a person you… Continue reading Inside a Stalker’s Mind

Thoughts Of Flexibility and Strength

The Power of Flexibility: A Lesson from Two Trees Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in nature and reflect on its teachings. During my hike, I came across a fascinating sight – two trees. One was thick and strong, but broken from a previous storm, while the other was smaller and… Continue reading Thoughts Of Flexibility and Strength

Florida Woman Inspiring Others to Learn Self Defense

Krystal Berry – Self Defense Case Study The story is about Krystal Berry, a woman who is being hailed as a hero for defending herself against an attacker at her gym in Florida. Despite having no background in self-defense, Berry was working out when a man began making inappropriate comments toward her. When she asked… Continue reading Florida Woman Inspiring Others to Learn Self Defense

People Who Fight Each Other Make Better Friends

Why People Who Train Martial Arts Together From Strong Friendships? You never know who you’ll meet and what kind of friendships you’ll forge in martial arts. One of the most rewarding experiences as a martial artist is making friends on the mat. Whether you’re a beginner or have years of training, the bond you form… Continue reading People Who Fight Each Other Make Better Friends