Rape Prevention

The only rape prevention workshop in NYC!

This workshop series will focus on self-defense situations in various settings (home, street, college campuses, etc.). The following aspects to maintain personal safety will be covered: 

  • Awareness mindset
  • Confident body language
  • Verbal self-defense skills 
  • Physical preparedness 

We’ll take you step-by-step through a variety of real-life scenarios and teach you how to defend yourself against the most extreme and violent events. All workshops are taught by female and male instructors who have been featured on media outlets like  “Good Morning America” and the “Daily News.”

We take you step by step through a variety of real-life scenarios pulled straight from the headlines and teach you how to defend yourself against the most extreme and violent events.


Krav Maga Experts Rape Prevention Workshop series!

Rape Prevention – Use What You Have Got!

Anything you carry can be used as a weapon. This workshop will focus on the Use of Common-Objects for self-defense. You will learn how to categorize them and how to use them to defend yourself in any situation.  Any woman who has been made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe by an unwanted touch pulls, or grabs knows exactly how important it is to attend this first workshop in sexual assault and rape prevention. Countless news stories of assault begin with the attacker pulling a woman into a secluded area, or grabbing a woman by her wrist and refusing to let go. Learn how to prevent and defend unwanted aggression.

Rape Prevention – On My Way Home

“Recently in NYC a 34-year-old woman on 16th st. in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood was walking home when she was grabbed from behind, thrown to the ground, her dress and underwear ripped and struck multiple times in an attempted sexual assault before the attacker became frustrated and fled.”
Countless news stories of assault all begin like the news story above “she was walking home” – in this session we will teach you, step-by-step, how to protect yourself against an attacker in the street.

Rape Prevention – Jogger Attacked in Public Bathroom - May 1st at 3 pm - 5 pm
Spring is here and many of us are back to outdoor activities.
This special workshop will teach you how to keep safe while running in the parks.
A couple of years ago, Kelly Herron survived an attack while jogging in the park:
“My biggest running nightmare became reality- 4 miles into my long run Sunday afternoon, I stopped to use the restroom and was assaulted by a man hiding in a stall (that is my GPS in red lines). I fought for my life screaming(“Not today, M**F**er!”), clawing his face, punching back, and desperately trying to escape his grip- never giving up. I was able to lock him in the bathroom until police arrived. Thankfully I just took a self-defense class prior to this event”!

Women are conditioned to understand from a very young age that the most important thing is…to be nice, to make others comfortable, and to avoid conflict. For many of us, our value as women is tied up in being polite, unobtrusive peacemakers even at an unacceptable physical and emotional cost.

7/10 survivors of sexual assault know their attackers prior to the assault!

In this workshop we will learn how to respond to a situation in which the attacker is someone we know, maybe even someone we love. We will also learn the characteristics of an “ideal victim” to ensure that we NEVER fall into that category. We will cover multiple sexual assault scenarios based on true life events of one of our own. This installment is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Rape Prevention – Home Invasion

In Brooklyn, a woman was followed into her building by a man waiting for access to her building.

In California a teenage girl was followed into her home and fought off her attempted rapist in her front hallway.

The safest place is home. Until it’s not.
We will focus this session on teaching you, step-by-step, how to protect yourself from an attack happening in your own home, apartment or dorm room. We understand this topic can be challenging for many, but we fully believe in the necessity of learning to focus and fight through the worse case