We don’t need to protect women, we need to teach them how to protect themselves. We don’t need to empower, we need to let them be strong. This is a wonderful repost from @luminousarchitecture – I took a bit of a beating training P3 fight tactics last night at Krav Maga Experts – Park Slope Brooklyn and despite looking a little bruised and battered, I’m feelin’ strong and resilient. Our teacher always reminds us we’re not made of glass. We can get hit and not break. Sure, I’m a little sore and tender to the touch, but that’s not stopping me from proudly showing off my battle wounds. These bruises occurred because I deflected body shots over and over again last night. Becoming a strong, self-reliant woman isn’t easy and takes a kind of grit that doesn’t fit the mold of what most think as feminine or lady like, but I’m not one for fitting into molds that our society constructs. I can be a flowing, juicy, gentle, and loving woman who also isn’t afraid to kick some ass. • • • #kravmaga #kravmagaexperts #selfdefense #empowerment #strong #strongwoman #fighter #brooklyn #nyc #bruises #badass #beabadass

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