As summer is approaching, many of us are busy planning experiences that will recharge our spirits. Some of us seek nature and wilderness hikes, while others prefer luxurious hotels and sunbathing.

No matter what kind of trip you plan, you must pack a bag that meets your needs. Most of us ensure that our packing includes everything we need to avoid being caught unprepared while far from home. Nature hikes require more careful planning and thought than a city trip because what we don’t pack, we won’t have available. We need to be prepared for a wide range of expected and unexpected situations.

Here’s a short list of what such a bag might include to illustrate the point I intend to discuss later in this post:

Navigation Tools:

Map and compass in areas where our smartphones aren’t properly working. I find it interesting that our navigation skills as a species have decreased tremendously as cell phones have become “smartphones.”

Water, Food, Medications & Hygiene:

The more you pack, the more satisfied you’ll be when hunger strikes after a long, tiring day! Include medication and hygiene products.


Weather-appropriate clothing protects us from the cold, heat, and the challenges that come with changing weather.

Shelter and Sleep:

Planning our sleeping locations and shelter in nature is crucial for safety and regaining strength for the next day.

Safety Items:

First aid kit, fire-starting tools, knife, portable charger and flashlight. These basic tools ensure we can survive and thrive in any situation that arises.

Sun and Insect Protection:

Burns and insects can cause discomfort and even serious health issues. Using the right creams to repel insects and protect against the sun’s harsh rays keeps us protected and ready.

Comfort Items and Repair Tools:

We pack our backpacks with “comfort” items like light mattresses and small repair kits for sewing and Leatherman multi-function tools. These kits provide flexibility and ease in dealing with common problems.

Emergency Preparation:

What happens if someone gets injured? What if we lose contact? Where do we meet if we are separated, and how do we communicate in areas without cell reception? Who are the emergency contacts? These are just a few questions we need to address before starting a long hike.

Every special skill we acquire and every tool we carry in our bag will be there to serve us when needed. Often, we tend to “overpack” and not use everything we bring, but knowing we have the tools to handle emergencies provides a sense of security and peace.

Packing Life Skills

In life, as a parent or teacher, my mission is not only to provide specific tools and skills but also to shape the thinking and approach to dealing with challenges. I see this role as a calling, not just a profession. Just like packing a bag for a hike, my job is to provide life skills. Self-defense skills, for example, are crucial for many people who tend to overlook them because they rely on hope and the involvement of strangers as a safety strategy. Violence is an extreme emergency situation. While I always nurture the hope that we won’t have to face violence, I don’t bury my head in the sand and assume it doesn’t exist. That’s denial, not hope.

Self-defense skills form a significant foundation for developing physical and emotional resilience. Those who can protect themselves feel more comfortable, much like when we pack our emergency kit and first aid in our bag. Just in case we need it, and it provides us with peace of mind.

As a parent, just like on a hike, I must prepare my children for future emergencies and equip them with the ability to handle unexpected situations. By developing resilience and creative thinking, we give them the ability to protect themselves and cope with complex challenges.

I need to provide values, emotional education, and preparation for situations where my children will need to act with a clear understanding of themselves and their moral path, even in times of difficulty and uncertainty. As a parent, my role is to provide them with a compass and the ability to navigate, support, and show them the way, but also give them the freedom to find their path on their own.

Life is a long and ongoing journey, and many tools we need to pack now may need to be left behind along the way to allow other tools to serve us better.

Enjoy the journey, and remember that the path to the summit is more important than the summit itself. Once achieved, the peak will be humbled, but the journey will give us the knowledge and fitness to conquer the next goal.

Wherever you go this summer, enjoy your journey, and don’t forget to pack your resilience!

Do something amazing,

Tsahi Shemesh
Founder & CEO
Krav Maga Experts

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