Krav Maga FAQ

General Questions

  • Do I need prior experience to join?
    Don’t worry if you have no experience at all! Krav Maga Experts is a safe and supportive community and we designed our Krav Maga classes for all levels, enriching everyone from our new students to our more seasoned practitioners. No experience is necessary to try your first class.
  • What is the Krav Maga Experts community about?
    Krav Maga Experts is a special community of practitioners guided by our mission to impact the lives of every person who walks through our doors in a positive way. Our studios are a place for all and welcome everyone at every level, whether you are a beginner or experienced student.
  • What should I wear to class?
    Wear something that you feel comfortable in and allows you to move freely. You will probably work up a sweat, so lightweight and breathable materials that will absorb sweat and dry quickly are best. Shorts or leggings and a t-shirt are great options.

  • What should I bring to class?
    If you have your own protective gear, you may bring it with you. Otherwise, grappling gloves and shin guards are available to rent or buy if you don’t have your own. We also recommend bringing a bottle of water and a change of clothes for after class.


  • How long are your Krav Maga classes and workshops?
    All of KME’s daily classes are 60 minutes long. Private training sessions can vary in length from 30 minutes to 60 minutes and our special workshops are generally 2-3 hours long.


  • What if I am running late for class?
    Things happen – we understand! But unfortunately, we can’t let latecomers in once class has started. Every class starts and ends on time and includes a mandatory check-in and warm-up to help prepare you for practice in the safest way. If you are late, your spot will be given to another person on the waitlist. We suggest you stay and watch the class, or enjoy our gym area and workout!


  • What classes are recommended for beginners?
    Classes on the schedule labelled “Krav Maga” are designed for all-levels and are the perfect place for to get started, as we break complex techniques down to simple movements. We also offer a slower paced Krav Kore class which focuses on the fundamentals of Krav Maga. After your first few classes you will feel comfortable enough to explore some of our other members’-only classes and take your skills to the next level.


  • Should I start with a private session or a group class?
    Private sessions are great for individuals, families and friends who are looking for the benefits of one-on-one private training. Private Krav Maga Instructors are able to chart an individualized path for training to help you reach your personal goals. Group classes are a great way to quickly connect with the community and learn from and alongside your fellow practitioners.


  • Does Krav Maga Involve Sparring?
    Krav Maga training involved sparring. Sparring is considered an essential part of Krav Maga training, unlike other combat styles of fighting, it is not based in competition. Read more about this on our blog.
  • Am I too old or out of shape for joining a Krav Maga class?
    Your Krav Maga journey begins when you decide it begins. Our current student ages range from 4 years old to 82 and come to us from all over the spectrum of fitness level. We will meet you “where you are” and help you achieve your goals at a healthy pace. The choice is yours.
  • I am injured, can I still attend?
    Please consult your physician to develop a plan on how to proceed with your training while injured. Depending on your injury your doctor may recommend rest for recovery or modifications to your training. Always be sure to inform your instructor before class if you are injured or are recovering from an injury.
  • Is Krav Maga training more about exercise or learning techniques?
    Students who train consistently will get very fit overtime but Krav Maga training is all about technique.

  • Membership Questions

  • What are all the membership options?
    Please visit our Memberships Page for complete details on your Krav Maga membership training options.

  • Do you require a uniform in class?
    Yes, uniforms help us to create mutual respect and uniformity within our community. Our uniform is simply a KME T-Shirt.

  • How often should I come to Krav Maga class?
    Considering your goals is the best way to determine your training schedule. Dedication and consistency is key to your progress as it takes time to incorporate your newly learned skills into your body and create new instincts. We recommend students train at least 2-3 times a week and without long breaks between trainings for best results.


  • Is there a belt or skill testing system for Krav Maga?
    Krav Maga Experts ranking system is different than belts. After 60 hours of training you will be invited to begin testing your current skill levels. Advancement starts from practitioner levels and continue through graduate and expert levels.


  • What are some of the benefits of taking Krav Maga classes?
    Krav Maga has many benefits;
    1. the most important one is learning realistic self-defense skills.
    2. Get into the best shape of your life. Improve strength and conditioning
    3. Improve self-confidence and self-esteem
    4. Weight Loss. Learning how to fight will get you fit.
    6. Overcome trauma
    7. Learn how to manage high-level stress
    8. Improve mental health
    9. Make great friends! It’s a fact, people who fight together make better friends
    10. Krav Maga training can even improve your academic performance 

  • How can I bring a friend or use a guest pass? Do I need to register my friend/guest?
    We encourage and reward our students to bring friends to join them on the mat. For every friend who joins, you and your friend get 25 KME dollars to use towards services or gear. *Terms apply.
    Every student will receive (2) Krav Maga guest passes when they join a membership. Your guest will simply need to book their class online using the provided code.


  • Do I need protective gear?
    For self-protection and the protection of your colleagues, most of our Krav Maga classes will require you to use protective gear. Gloves and Shin Guards are available to rent or buy at the studio. In addition, your instructor may recommend optional gear for added protection.

  • Do you hold Krav Maga events for companies?
    We specialize in corporate Krav Maga and self-defense training and have held events in studio or on location at the workplace. There are many benefits Krav Maga Training can bring to your teams. We have worked with a long list of companies including Google, Discovery Channel, Facebook, LinkedIn, New York University, Columbia University, and more. Please contact us for more information.

  • How many classes I need until I can feel safe?
    There is no one answer as everyone is different. On average, people change their posture, their demeanor, and confidence level within just a few classes. It is a simple equation: The more you train the better you get.
    Read more on our blog.


  • You got more questions? Contact us know, we would love to answer!