Do You Know Why You Keep Getting Injured In Training?

Let’s face it, training Krav Maga can be hard on the body.

When I started training in 2019, I left every class with at least one fresh bruise until I finally figured out the problem was ME and my lack of control of power. Later I fractured one toe, then another, and I finally learned how to manage my distance before kicking.

In all these instances, I was the one responsible for my injuries. The same is true for almost all injuries I’ve witnessed in my fellow Krav Maga students, as well as those who come to me from all over the globe for bodywork and movement education. The blown out knees, the frozen shoulders, the torn muscles….all avoidable.

The truth is, we’re injury-prone because our modern lifestyles inevitably lead to a misaligned body. 

Cell phone use, hours of sitting (especially in front of lowered or multiple computer screens), a constant stream of stressful news, and many other factors move us into shapes our bodies are not designed to sustain. Then we take our misaligned bodies out for a run, into the weight room and onto the Krav mat and strengthen ourselves into deeper misalignments. That’s when our bodies start to complain, and if we ignore the pain signals, INJURIES WILL HAPPEN.

I’ve been teaching alignment for over 18 years and I’ve lost count of the amount of students who have come to me with self-inflicted injuries.  The problem is, most didn’t realize that they were driving themselves towards injury until it was too late. Now that they’ve learned proper alignment and gained proprioception they are able to do whatever they want without pain.

Those of you who know me know how much I love Krav Maga. I continue to be blown away by the physical and emotional transformations I witness in my fellow students, and I’m genuinely sad every time I hear of another membership freeze due to injury. I want all of you to train pain-free for as long as you want, so I’ve decided to teach two classes a week for a limited time as part of your membership.

Both these classes will give you tools to understand your body. You will:

*learn the basic principles of healthy alignment, and which muscles you need to lengthen and which you need to strengthen in order to get you there

*experience how your muscles are connected so you can address your pain points at their root source

*which pains are productive and which you should avoid

*how to self-treat with targeted, intelligent stretching for optimal results

*how to effectively do self-massage using Roll Model Balls, which are specifically designed to safely release connective tissue and work deep into your muscles

The Pre-Hab class will get your body fully prepped for that day’s lesson. We’ll do a combination of dynamic stretching and deep release with balls to get the right muscles long and turned on for the specific work ahead. You’ll be able to perform more safely and with greater agility.

The Re-Hab class is designed to target the muscles we use on repeat in Krav Maga. We’ll move deep into your muscles and ease your body into a recovery phase so you’re good to go for another week of training. Think of it as housecleaning day for your body.

Both classes will be limited to 12 students. I want to make sure you each have plenty of room on the walls and the floor as we use several brilliant props, including the self-massage balls. The smaller class size will allow me to give you the individualized attention needed to do this safely and intelligently.

In addition to learning proper alignment and self-myofascial release techniques in class, these three self-care basics are essential to staying out of pain:

Proper breathing pattern

If you are in decent shape but still find yourself huffing and puffing on line one at the end of class, you can be sure you are not breathing properly. Pain and lack of performance on and off the mat are absolutely linked to faulty breathing patterns.

I will be talking a lot about this subject in my classes, and offering you ways to access alignment that enhances your ability to breathe in a way that soothes your body and optimizes your performance.


If you play hard, you need to rest hard. We all know we need sleep for cognitive, physical, and emotional health. Many people don’t realize that the muscles and joints also need a day of rest a week in order to repair. I personally take a day off of impact exercise each week in order to do exactly what I’ll be teaching in the RE-HAB class, and I’m sure it’s why I can still train hard and without pain at the age of 53.


Every system in your body requires water to function optimally, and the muscles and joints are no exception. Water literally helps lubricate your body and will keep you healthy and minimize pain. Given how much you sweat in Krav Maga, be sure to drink up!

The goal is to have a body that can keep training, defend itself, and do whatever else you want to do well into old age. 

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Writer’s Bio

Caitilin is passionate about empowering individuals who are struggling with injuries or illness to achieve long-term wellness and vitality. 

As the Founder and teacher of the C.Twain Method, she guides people towards greater physical and emotional potential through pain management, manual and movement therapies, breathwork, microbiome health, and perhaps most importantly, a healing mindset. 

She’s a certified hatha and prenatal yoga teacher with advanced studies focused on scoliosis and back care. Over the last 18 years she’s expanded her tool chest to include yoga therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and breathwork. She’s a certified Roll Model Method Teacher and has logged over 600 hours on the Krav Maga mat.

Caitilin’s classes teach how to get rid of your pain at its source and avoid injuries so you can train safely and with increased agility and power.

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