Self Defense for Kid

Adult, children, corporate, and customized fitness programs.
Empower your youth with the skills they need to protect themselves using Krav Maga, the most efficient self-defense system in the world. Our expert instructors lead youth programs, made especially for New York City Kids and Teens, in a fun, effective and encouraging way. Boost their confidence and self-esteem with weekly Kid's Krav or Teens Krav Maga group classes, individualized youth private training programs, and private summer camps.
Youth Classes
Our mission at Krav Maga Experts is simple; to give our children essential self-defense knowledge to empower them with life skills, confidence and a healthy sense of self-esteem learned through Krav Maga. In today’s reality, we must be as vigilant as ever.
Youth Outreach Programs

Krav Maga Experts implements tailored youth self-defense programs in schools and organizations across New York City.

Youth Summer Camp

Open now! Krav Maga Experts’ summer camp registration. All new activities and drills; both indoors and outdoors, for our troops.

Youth Personal Training

Fitness, behavior and resilience are improved with consistency, and the results are rewarding for the kids, parents and instructors alike.

20% Of Students Age 12-18
Experienced Bullying

19% Of Nationwide Students In Grades 9-12 Report Being Bullied On School Property In The 12 Months Prior To The Survey

15% Were Bullied Online Or By Text

5.3% Were Pushed, Shoved, Tripped, Or Spit On