By now, most people have heard of Krav Maga in New York.  If you are new to the world of self-defense training, Krav Maga is a self-defense and fighting system developed by the Israeli Defense Forces.  Krav Maga courses in New York City have become extremely popular over the last few years because they serve as a reinforcement for both physical and mental health, on top of the fact that despite the intensity of the workout, they are actually a lot of fun!  What is often hidden under the surface and not realized until one has trained in Krav Maga for some time is that Krav Maga not only boosts physical strength, endurance and confidence, but also assists in areas of life that could help an individual in both personal and employment settings.


The ability to focus your mind on the task at hand and remove extraneous thoughts.  Krav Maga training requires hyper intense focus; after all, the goal is to learn to protect yourself in the event you are attacked.  Focus is multi-faceted. It means that your mind is always alert so that you stay vigilant. It also means that you are able to remove your emotions from the equation, replacing fear or nervousness with focus and attentiveness. Through Krav Maga training in New York, you learn not to “freeze” in the face of danger but both understand the challenge and react appropriately to the challenge.  This ability to focus your mind on what needs to be done, as opposed to what your mind or body want to do. This same concept behind logic and focus taught under the umbrella of self-defense can be used in almost every day settings.


For example, if you have a boss with a temper and you are the target of the day, you may be tempted to let your emotions get the best of you, and lash out at your boss, or cry.  Or, if you have one child coloring on the wall, a baby crying and dinner boiling over on the stove, you may be tempted to just throw in the towel and let whatever destruction is coming to your home happen.  These result, stemming from letting your emotions control you, would likely only make matters worse. The ability to focus on the end goal, whether that is escaping an attacker or getting through a tough day, the focus taught in Krav Maga will make you more determined and focused and less emotional in situations that require a detachment from emotion.


The motto “practice makes perfect.”  Krav Maga teaches its principles by requiring that someone perform the same moves again and again.  The longer you can repeat a move or a combination of moves, the higher the probability of fighting off your opponent.  Adults are similar to the child on the baseball team that strikes out his first 4 at bats and wants to quit. If something seems to difficult, people tend to get down on themselves and look for an out.  And then a coach or a teacher or a parent comes along and utters those three words that make us cringe: “practice makes perfect.” Repetition, by nature, enforces certain beliefs or behaviors in our mind.  If do something enough, or hear something enough, you form routines and beliefs that become a part of who you are.


The ability and skill to be able to repeat the same task over and over again can benefit both personally and professionally.  For example, many people find that losing weight at the beginning is difficult. Pulling yourself out of bed to go for a run does not seem as appealing as sleep; eating a salad for dinner is not nearly as delicious as a pizza.  However, once you begin to make yourself do those tasks it becomes natural and your body craves those once alarming changes. Professionally, people who keep trucking along and perfecting their skills will be the ones who receive a promotion or knock of a competitor.  Research suggests that it takes twenty-one days to form a habit and Krav Maga teaches the need for repetition. The combination will create a more productive and wholesome person.


The need to stay on your toes, literally and figuratively. Similar to the ability to focus, training in Krav Maga in New York City teaches the invaluable lesson that it is crucial to think on your toes.  What happens in a physical altercation between individuals that are professionally trained to fight is that each fighter begins to anticipate the others next move, because it what he or she would do in that situation.  If one fighter is able to out-think the other, he or she has the advantage as they will be able to counter all of the moves. Krav Maga enforces agility in movement and mind so that a trainee in the self-defense technique will not be at a disadvantage mentally or physically.


Staying attentive with quick thinking and the ability to move quickly have extremely beneficial results in your personal and professional life.  The person who wakes up and gets an early start on the day will be the person noticed for hard work and dedication.The person who thinks of a new, interesting or life-changing phone app first will be the person to make the millions. The person who happily takes care of mind, body and spirit will feel the most whole and healthy.  The person who adjusts to circumstance in order to thrive will be the most personally and professionally satisfied.


There is no doubt that enrolling in Krav Maga lessons in New York will help your physical strength, health and confidence.  These results are easily seen or noticed. However, there are many other beneficial lessons taught in a NYC Krav Maga course that will help you succeed in life as a whole, not just in a fight.