These days we hear about Krav Maga in popular Netflix series like “Jessica Jones,” where the lead character’s sister, a controversial radio talk show host, takes private Krav Maga lessons to defend herself from danger and threats. As the world becomes more volatile and unstable for different reasons, we see in social media iPhone videos of violent random attacks against ordinary people anywhere from London to Tel Aviv to New York. These could be a sucker punch against a defenseless elderly person in New York or a planned knife attack against Israeli security forces. Whatever the nature of the attack, the need for self-defense, awareness, and alert has increased worldwide. From Barcelona to Mexico, and from Boise to New York, KME, which stands for Krav Maga Experts, is making the difference.

The founder and top instructors at KME have extensive military experience having served in the Israeli Defense Forces in specialized units. They bring their real world experience dealing with terrorism into an urban environment like New York City, adapting learned principles for the use of ordinary and average civilians. KME instructors not only share their knowledge and experience, they turn it into a social, fun and healthy activity that is unique in terms of not only self-defense but intense fitness as well. The cardio workout you get from any of KME’s Krav Maga sessions is like nothing you will experience in a regular gym. In other words, while you learn to defend yourself from any sort of attack, you’re also getting a kick ass workout that benefits your mind, body, and soul.
Unlike in other martial arts or fitness centers, KME instructors train you to strengthen your will power and determination to reach a goal. You work hard like you never thought you could, bringing yourself to a level of fitness and performance you never thought possible before. Your reflexes, spatial sense, and the ability to prevent harm from an aggressor increase in a way you previously envision. You thought a badass was only in the movies you use to watch while eating popcorn; now YOU are the protagonist of your own film, you are that badass and you got there thanks to the KME instructors who tapped into your own inner strength to make it possible. That’s what an above average instructor does; he or she is able to bring out your own strength and use it in ways you never thought possible before, and this is something KME instructors excel at.
The instructors at KME have experience with other forms of Martial Arts as well, and adding some of the techniques from other forms of fighting gives Krav Maga practitioners at KME more weapons in their fighting arsenal whether it’s sparring or fighting on the ground.
Another important aspect about KME instructors is how they project their own passion for what they’re teaching, often sharing personal stories about their own real world experiences.
With social media and YouTube, many so-called Krav Maga instructors are trying to gain attention and a following. They advertise as “former military” or “law enforcement”. Some did serve in the IDF because it’s mandatory in Israel, but just because you learn some basic Krav as part of your service doesn’t automatically make you a Krav Maga instructor. Other would be instructors mix and combine techniques from other disciplines or MMA with a little bit of Krav and call it Krav Maga style. A true Krav Maga instructor not only teaches the proper techniques but also must know how to communicate effectively and with patience, something all instructors at KME excel at. At KME, the instructors know how to go at the right speed so that practitioners understand and are able to adapt to the techniques they’re learning. In one hour they cover a lot of ground making the students of all levels go through numerous drills in an intense but safe environment. Thanks to the KME instructors, those who are beginners, or are experiencing their first class, leave with a sense of accomplishment and those who are more advanced increase their self-confidence in further improving their learned techniques. For these reasons, KME instructors are second to none as they continue to evolve, improve and fine tune their own teaching methods.


This blog post was written by a student of Krav Maga Experts, John H.