How To Make Good Decisions

 “If you want something you’ve never had, You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

As 2022 is reaching its end, we are filled with hope that the upcoming year will bring us joy, success, and happiness. Life, indeed, can change in a matter of seconds, and much of the time, it won’t be for the better. But like everything in life, success comes with “growing pains.” We must always take command of the steering wheel and turn things in the right direction. 


In my line of work, I often see people looking for a change, an improvement, or to overcome old (or new) fears and pain. Many arrive with the expectation that the difference is just right around the corner. Well, they are wrong. And they are also right. It depends on how they define “around the corner.” In truth, instant gratification doesn’t work, even on Instagram. Making content takes time and getting followers, validation, and recognition.

Step 1: Ask for a change

I always ask myself a few questions before starting any new process of obtaining a goal: 1. What do you need to change, improve or overcome? 2. What is the nature of the decision you must make? 3. Why do you need to change?  4. Is this a goal worth pursuing?

Step 2: Do the research

Before I act, I first identify the information I need and seek the best sources available to help, and then find out how to get it. Nowadays, information is available in the palm of your hand, and it is easy to find. Do your research! 

Step 3: What are my alternatives?

While gathering data, any possible alternatives will present themselves. 

You can also use your imagination and any additional information to construct new alternatives here. Then list all the possible and desirable alternatives – the next step will be intuitive. 

Step 4: Pros and cons of all options

List the pros and cons for each option; What’s accessible? What is obtainable? What is too costly? What are you willing to compromise? 

Based on the evaluation I made in step 1, I ask myself if option X or Y meets my objective of resolving the “problem” or achieving the desired change. Some options may appear more favorable as they have a higher potential for reaching the objective. 

Finally, prioritize the order of your options based on your values.

Step 5: Make a choice

Now you are ready to choose the option that aligns best with your values and comfort, or acceptable discomfort, that will come with this change. 

Step 6: Take action

Start the process of action. Knowing a change requires an approach; a meaningful change is not as easy as our “swipe right/left culture.” 

Commit to yourself and focus on your goal, which you already defined in step one as worth pursuing! Improvement is not linear, but you will see positive progress over time. Step 7: Review the results

Did you make the right decision? 

An interesting observation that I have often noticed with younger people is that although most of the process above was current, they needed to be more honest with themselves to actually identify what needed to be changed. 

As I grow older, I learn that usually, it’s not the environment I need to change; but the change should be in myself. 


Do something amazing Tsahi Shemesh Founder & CEO Krav Maga Experts