How Self-Defense Helps You Lose Weight

It’s that time of the year! In a few minutes, the ball will drop in Times Square to usher in the New Year. The countdown begins, the crowd gets more excited, you are happy the old year is out and hope for a better year ahead. As the New Year is announced, music plays, couples kiss, confetti fills the air, champagne corks fly, and you make the same resolution you made the year before: Lose weight, diet, and exercise. You start your program to lose weight, but by the end of January you lose confidence, your life gets busier and you find yourself in the same position as the year before. This happens to millions of people around the globe.
A great way to contribute to weight loss is learning self-defense, for reasons are various. When you start to learn self-defense it builds your confidence in yourself, and as this grows, so does your self-discipline to continue rather than give up. A self-defense discipline like Krav Maga, for example, taught by certified and qualified instructors, can make all the difference in inspiring and igniting the interest within you to reach your goals. A place like Krav Maga Experts, throughout their worldwide locations, specializes in this training. Briefly, Krav Maga is a proven Israeli self-defense method used by the Israeli Defense Forces designed to react and quickly neutralize an aggressor. However, to achieve speed and an effective reaction to aggression you must first train and perform the necessary drills that will allow your mind and body to do this. All these continuous drills raise your heartbeat, make you sweat a lot, and contribute to weight loss. Your whole body, every muscle, will be moving; you will be running, squatting, kicking, punching, and striking, in addition to doing all sorts of different push-up and sit up styles. You’ll be cover in sweat from head to toe, you’ll be breathing hard; your mind and body constantly being challenged by your instructor and then by your partner when you perform the drills. All this in an hour worth of class.

“When you throw endless punches and kicks, if you want or not, you will get fit”. -Tsahi Shemesh

In order to be successful at this, you need consistency. Consistency is what will be the determining factor if you make progress or not. Coming to a self-defense Krav Maga class once a week will not render the same progress as coming 4 or 5 times a week. The more you come, the more committed you become. Also, you make new friends when you partner with others during class time. These friends, in turn, inspire you as well. They too will push you to come more to class and this creates a new cycle in your life. Once you become consistent then you make it part of your life, you give it a designated time and space in your life other than work and family obligations. You do this because you see real results, your attitude has changed and your family and friends have noticed.
In order to lose weight properly, you have to do so with a program. Learning a self-defense technique like Krav Maga will structure your life in a way that facilitates your weight loss and eating routine. You will become more health conscious and make an eating decision that is within this structure.
According to, in just one hour of Krav Maga, or any other martial arts self-defense activity, you lose between 590 to 931 calories on average, depending on your weight. As many Krav Maga practitioners do, eventually they start taking more classes in one single day. It is common to see many practitioners take 2 back to back classes which obviously increases the number of calories burned and the level of stamina raised. If you are persistent in taking your classes and develop the discipline to continue without huge time gaps in between, you will without a doubt see results that will encourage you further and increase your self-confidence which translates into other positive outcomes in both your personal and professional lives.
Every action in life, positive or negative, creates a chain reaction and once you embark yourself to learn self-defense, once you make the conscious decision to stick to this discipline without fail, you will begin to open new doors that will improve the quality of your life and when you begin to compare yourself than to what you were before, there will be no turning back.