Self Defense Technique – Bear hug from behind

In this tutorial, Krav Maga Expert Instructors, Tsahi and Raz teach a defense against a rear bear hug while your arms are free.

If someone grabs you from behind, this usually comes by surprise. The attacker will try to control you while picking you up, hold you while you’re getting hit or slam you into a wall, or even force you into a car.

Steps to release:

  1. Assess
    You will have very little time to identify who is attacking you, but if it doesn’t feel like a friendly hug, jump to step 2.
  2. Defense / Counter – Hit them where it hurts
    Your arms are free so in that case, you must use them to hit the closest target, which is the head. Hit as many times and as aggressive as you can until they let go.
  3. Move – Improve your stance, keep attacking
    Time to either face your attacker and hit them hard non-stop until they are not longer in a position to hurt you or, if possible, run away!

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