Over the years, we received dozens of thank you letters from our students. We decided to share some of them on our blog. Maybe, tomorrow it’s going to be you.

“Dear KME instructors,
I want to say thank you for the last 1.5+ years of your excellent instruction and investment in my growth as a practitioner. Tonight, on my train ride home to the Bronx after Krav core, your quality training was instinctively put into use.

I had a man sitting next to me in a half-empty train car. I was immediately aware of him before he even sat down, so my senses were already heightened. After several rebuffs to his comments and offers, he tried grabbing the back of my neck. My immediate response was eye contact, a sitting fight stance with my feet anchored and my arms up in 90-degree angles that blocked his arm, and the use of my voice. I firmly told him that he had no right to touch me and that he needed to move. The man moved away and the incident ended.
I was amazed at how quickly my mind was aware and engaged, with no panic or hesitation. In that short amount of time, my mind even thought about my breathing! The 4-4-2 breathing Raz teaches in Element went through my head. By controlling my breathing, my heart rate stayed steady and I was able to think clearly. I didn’t feel the need to hurt the man, but I was ready to if needed.
I was able to come home and use the situation as a lesson for my 9-year-old and 6-year-old daughters that they do not ever have to let men touch them without consent and that they can and should be assertive.
I attribute all of these responses to the training I’ve received at KME! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re doing important work in this city. I hope that this encourages you on days when you may feel you’re just coming to work…you’re changing lives.