Grant Your Child a Better Future

You hear about it frequently, from friends, family and the media: Bullying. It has become a persistent problem affecting all children of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds everywhere including here in New York City. In worse cases, the outcome has been fatal with the victim committing suicide because either he or she didn’t know how to get help, or was not given the necessary support needed. 

When anyone is bullied, one feels vulnerable, insecure and most importantly, one feels they cannot control or handle the threatening situation. Bullying pins you down, unless you know how to take charge of the situation and turn it around. The only way to do this is by learning self-defense like Krav Maga which is specifically designed so that no matter what your age or size you can regain a level of control by fighting back effectively.

“When kids begin learning Krav Maga in a group setting with others who share the same goals, their self-confidence jumps up dramatically because now they have other options instead of suffering any form of abuse. This is important in a competitive urban setting like New York City where there are so many other activities tempting parents like playing soccer or ballet lessons.  An experienced, certified NYC Krav Maga instructor can teach kids to punch, strike, and kick properly at the vulnerable parts of the body in a safe environment free of danger. Sharing and interacting in a class setting also improves social skills they can use later in life.”

Some parents worry their kids will become more violent or aggressive if they learn self-defense, but the opposite is true. The more children know about defending themselves and correct fighting techniques, the less likely they are to fight. When properly taught by an accredited institution like Krav Maga Experts in NYC for example, children not only learn self-defense but also de-escalation because not always is it necessary to fight. Kids are never taught to be aggressors, only to defend themselves properly and proportionally when faced with a situation they feel threatened. And for those parents worried their girls might become too masculine if they learn self-defense, they should know their daughters will feel more self-assured knowing how to defend themselves from a possible assault in college or at work.

Learning Krav Maga has other benefits other than learning to protect and defend oneself. Boys and girls who start learning this discipline at an early age focus better on their studies and other school activities. Later on in life they will be better focused and driven than their peers as a result of learning Krav Maga. If you want to grant your child a better future, have them learn Krav Maga so that they can be happily integrated citizens of tomorrow’s world and also inspire new generations to do the same.