Once again the New Year’s Eve ball has dropped in Times Square under freezing, cold conditions and it is one more year filled with resolutions you probably won’t keep. But why is it that most resolutions are never fulfilled? Most of the times we are merely unrealistic in our expectations.
The key to success can be summarized in the following:

  • Start small with attainable goals.
    You should start with a simple goal in mind that you can commit to. For example, you may want to learn a new skill, like self-defense to make yourself feel more secure wherever you are. You go online and research as to what is the best self-defense system. You read reviews of different schools, watch videos and decide to learn Krav Maga. Many schools offer an introductory price so that you can try out their place and see if you are comfortable with it. This is the first step simply deciding that you want to do this. The next step is focusing on achieving this goal.
  • Focus
    To focus on achieving anything, you have to cut off the many distractions that are part of our daily lives. Friends will call you to hang out and drink, a new action movie is being released, and you may want to see it, a new controversial book is out, and you may want to get it before it sells out, you have to stay more hours at work, a parent is ill in the hospital, and the list goes on and on. 
Since there are only 24 hours in a day and you need to work most of those hours to sustain yourself, you need to schedule yourself wisely to get the most benefit for your personal life, and this includes achieving those New Year’s resolutions. The example here is learning Krav Maga. You need to set aside enough time to train consistently, and this means cutting off whatever gets in the way of training. If you don’t train enough, then you cannot achieve your goals adequately. You need to be consistent.
  • Be consistent
    Consistency requires discipline. Once you start seeing some results, this will encourage you to continue and focus even more. When learning self-defense, you become more consistent to see better results every time you train. You create a mechanism in that your consistency depends on your focus. As you become more consistent, you find yourself dedicating more time to your goal.
  • Share your goals with like-minded partners who will support you
    It is important to share your goals with like-minded friends. Together with partners, you can motivate each other to achieve goals. When learning a self-defense discipline like Krav Maga, you can get together after class to practice a new technique. When you see others progress, you don’t want to feel left back, and this motivates you to continue training.
  • Set up a time frame
    Krav Maga, or any other martial arts, eventually the time for level up comes along so that the participant can have an idea where they stand and to see just how much progress they have made. There are no losers in these tests because they’re not meant to be competitive. With testing, both instructor and student have a better sense of what techniques work and how much progress has been made. Both student and instructor re-evaluate respectively. The best part of testing is that it allows you to create your time frame to achieve the goals you started. You focus and train hard to be the best you can when testing comes along. You may be surprised how well you do under pressure!

Now that you have a certain amount of time to achieve the first part of your goal, you start fulfilling your New Year resolution successfully. In doing so, you have also built character, courage, and strength to do something, turn and shape it into reality. It’s no longer just a fantasy or wishful thinking. It is real and fulfilling. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

Remember, it’s not about being perfect, and performing exceptionally well. It’s about finding the ideal resolution and setting reasonable objectives. The rest falls into place with being persistence.