The Acclimation of Dust and the Importance of Staying Vigilant in Your Pursuits

Earlier this month, I was faced with a powerful lesson as I went about my routine of cleaning the windows at the studio. As I was wiping down the glass, I noticed how dirty the cleaning rag had become, and I couldn’t believe how it had gotten so dirty without me even noticing. This realization led me to reflect on the power of acclimation and its significance in our personal growth and development. Dust is a ubiquitous and often overlooked aspect of our lives. It is a constant presence, settling on surfaces and objects, slowly building up over time. The acclimation of dust can be insidious, almost unnoticeable until suddenly the surface is covered in a layer of dirt. This is much like the way our personal growth can also be gradual and subtle. We may not realize how much we have improved or regressed until we take a step back and assess where we stand. This realization struck me as I looked at the dirty rag in my hand, a reminder of the power of acclimation in my own life. It made me think of the Sorites paradox (“the paradox of the heap”), where there is no clear dividing line between a clean surface and a dirty one. It is a matter of subjective interpretation, and it can often be difficult to determine when the acclimation has reached a critical point. Despite the subtlety of the acclimation process, the impact of neglecting our personal growth can be significant. Just like dust can contribute to respiratory problems and allergies, neglecting our personal growth can lead to negative effects in our lives, such as feeling unfulfilled, lacking confidence, or being unprepared for challenges. The key to preventing the acclimation of dust on windows and in our personal growth is to stay vigilant and clean surfaces regularly. A quick dusting or wiping down of surfaces can help to keep the buildup of dust to a minimum, and it can ensure that the environment remains clean and healthy. Similarly, setting personal goals and regularly reviewing and adjusting them can help us maintain and improve our personal growth and development. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and neglect our personal pursuits, but it is important to remember that putting them on hold is not a pause, it’s a rewind. Building ourselves takes time; little by little, we get good at things after who knows how many hours. The same goes for the opposite – we get worse, little by little when we stop pursuing our goals. Going back to my window cleaning experience, the dirty rag in my hand was a reminder of the power of acclimation and the importance of staying vigilant in my personal pursuits. I realized that just like cleaning windows, staying on top of my personal growth and development takes effort and commitment. But the reward of feeling confident, fulfilled, and prepared for challenges is worth it. In conclusion, the acclimation of dust on windows and our personal growth both highlight the importance of staying vigilant and regularly maintaining and improving our goals. Neglecting our personal pursuits can lead to negative effects in our lives, and it is essential to regularly assess and adjust our goals to ensure that we are making progress towards our desired outcomes. Whether it is fitness, self-defense, or any other area of personal growth, it is important to stay committed and dedicated to our goals in order to achieve success. The paradox can be explained when you get worse or when you get better as it relates to the gradual progression or regression of skills, abilities, or physical attributes. The process is often insidious, much like the acclimation of dust, where small changes accumulate.  

Do something amazing,

Tsahi Shemesh
Founder & CEO

Krav Maga Experts