Krav Maga Experts Is Making The News

Some of our appearances on the major media outlets are below.

ABC news covers our Women’s safety program.
Proactive approach to self defense is better than REactive. Nearby language can be used as a great deterrence. But if you need to fight, fight as hard as you can!

Tsahi Shemesh’s give safety tips and advise about the recent  wave of violence against Asians in NYC.

Public Transportation Safety In NYC – NBC NEWS – Krav Maga Experts NYC Women in NYC have decided to take safety into their own hands and be proactive. Training with Krav Maga Experts, Elaine Wilson and Tsahi Shemesh at the UWS, Manhattan.

Elaine is advising Telemundo’s audience about women’s safety after the attacked inside East Harlem subway elevator.

An elderly woman was nearly run over in a McDonald’s parking lot as she tried to confront the man who robbed her inside just seconds before.

Tsahi Shemesh’s give safety tips and advise about the recent  wave of violence against Asian people in NYC 

Our Self-defense Experts on CBS News, giving an important advice to keep you safe when you go out for a job and if you ever come to a face-to-face with an attacker.

Our Experts also write for WikiHow, and advise the internet community about different topics, among them even how to respond to an active shooter event!

How to survive an active shooter terror attack in New York City. CBS News report at Krav Maga Experts.

Tsahi Shemesh & Kira, Krav Maga Expert instructors show Dr. Oz how to defend yourself if someone tries to choke you. Plus, she shares a move for if you get pushed against a wall.

Women self-defense in New York City Segment on GMA. Krav Maga Expert instructor Kira advises safety tips for women on Good Morning America. In New York city Krav Maga is a must!

Danny Mannarino interviewing Tsahi Shemesh and Carlos Gutierrez talking about personal protection in NYC.
David Ushery interviewing Tsahi Shemesh about self defense on the Upper west side, NYC.
Our Experts in a demonstration for TAKE BACK THE NIGHT event featured in the New York Daily News. The event was hosted by the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City to bring awareness to the increasing problem of sexual or domestic violence.
Our Youth self-defense program in New York City was covered by the biggest local news site. Krav Maga Experts instructors explains about the necessity for such a life skill for kids.
Google, FIT and Tumbler should all be at the bottom, as they don’t have calls for action.
Women learn self defense – “the story of a woman who survived a rape learning self defense” Part II
Students are welcome! Our Krav Maga Class is the the largest self-defense or martial arts class in Columbia University. On campus demonstration with Chief Instructor Tsahi Shemesh.
Chief Instructor Krav Maga Expert Level EII Tsahi Shemesh and Krav Maga Expert Level G2 Dawn Nadeau, teach self defense for women Krav Maga Lesson and demonstration on TV Arise Entrainment 360.
Krav Maga Self Defense seminar with Chief Instructor Tsahi Shemesh in Mexico city, Feb 2014. Be Your Defense in Mexico! Amamos krav maga!