Law Enforcement

Krav Maga Experts will take through the most effective and exciting combat training courses.

We train and offer law enforcement workshops and seminars. The Krav Maga Experts law enforcement courses are designed for law enforcement units, special forces and security operatives. The Krav Maga Experts combat training courses include intensive tactical training, which combines realistic scenarios and on-scene solutions to varied situations. Each combat training course can be modified to the specific problems and needs of the client.

All of our combat training courses include necessary components in order to develop high combat skills and a deep understanding of the threats we face today. Krav Maga Experts combat instructors bring extensive operational experience after years of serving and training in the Israeli Defense Forces and security services.

Krav Maga Experts combat training courses can take place in New York, abroad or in Israel using advanced training facilities and the unique Israeli atmosphere.

Krav Maga Experts combat training courses contain the following elements:

Krav Maga Experts combat training courses may include a variety of advanced combat training materials according to the specific analysis of the client’s needs and operational reality. We can tailor our courses, seminars and workshops per group, location or scenario. Krav Maga Experts’ extensive experience and capability allows us to provide you with an answer to any situation or event. For more info, email us at