Become a Krav Maga Instructor

Self-Defense Instructor Courses

Join NYC’s most advanced Krav Maga instructor training course and learn to lead Krav Maga classes and empower your students with continuously evolving self-defense knowledge and personal transformation. Our chief instructor and team of expert trainers will help you deeply understand everything from Krav Maga’s unique philosophy and techniques to anatomy and programming with effective student training principles. Our teachers come from diverse martial arts backgrounds and will give you everything you need to be a world-class Krav Maga teacher.

Are you looking to become an instructor of the world’s most efficient self-defense system?

Krav Maga Expert’s mission is to empower people by training them to become the strongest, sharpest, most self-sufficient versions of themselves. We teach people from all walks of life the skills they need to walk in peace.

Join in this mission by getting trained and certified by the founder of KME. Tsahi Shemesh was trained in Israel by the creator of Krav Maga’s top students, and has gone on to certify teachers and teach thousands of students all over the world.

This rigorous and transformative program will give you the skills to train Krav Maga at the highest levels and to empower others through proven methods of teaching. The best graduates of this course may be offered a position at KME and/or recommended to our global affiliates.

The Krav Maga Experts Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) offers the most advanced curriculum of up-to-date techniques and tested implementations.

This course will cover:

-The history of Krav Maga and its evolution

-Krav Maga techniques from P1 to P5 and how to teach them in class safely and effectively

-Advanced communication and instructional skills

-Lesson development and different class structures

– Different teaching methods (women, co-ed, youth and dealing with trauma)

– Safety protocols

Each participant will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for the CIC program upon satisfactorily completing the course.

This requires:

-Attending ALL 14 days of training in their entirety 

-Testing into a minimum of P-5 Level  

-Passing all exams demonstrating a full understanding of the subject, including vulnerable points of the body, extensive attack principles, and advanced defense skills.




  • – Krav Maga Instructor’s Certification 
  • – Lifetime access to Krav Maga course digital materials
  • – First lesson review. Create your first lesson as an instructor and submit it for review. We want to make sure you are on the right
       track as an instructor.
  • – Ongoing support throughout the year (we encourage all to keep in touch, we want to hear about your individual progress!).
  • – As an instructor, you will be invited to our workshop curriculum and training programs.
  • – Top students may be offered a position at KME and/or recommended to our global affiliates.