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Whether you are looking to strenghten your body, boost your confidence, sharpen your mind and learn to fight and defend yourself. Krav Maga Experts in NYC is what you are looking for. Krav Maga initially developed by the Israeli Defense Force, is commonly regarded as the most effective self-defense fighting system in the world.

“krav maga experts changed my life”

Why us?

We are Krav Maga Experts, an Ideology based on excellence and foundation. We are a 3rd generation instructors to Krav Maga Founder, Imi Lichtenfeld. Our Highly trained professional instructors are field leaders across the globe. We pride ourselves on providing the best Krav Maga self-defense classes in NYC.

Expert Instructors Team

Our Top-Notch International team include former members of the IDF Krav Maga Instructors and U.S Military

No Tricky Contracts

We have the best customer service in the business that has the full support of the Krav Maga Community.




In NYC Area, Krav Maga is relatively new sensation. However, Krav Maga Experts, New York’s best Krav Maga training program, and has been for quite some time. The Instructors grew up training in Israel, perfecting their skills and using it when the call to duty require their action. Now In NYC, Krav Maga Experts is passing its expertise in self-defense training New Yorkers.

We wholeheartedly believe in physical, mental and preparatory benefits of Krav Maga Training. Your body will be more rock solid and your mind more focused than ever; and, in the event you ever need to defend yourself, you will be fully prepared to do so. Krav Maga Experts offers a variety of Krav Maga classes in New York City, to satisfy all physical abilities, genders, and ages! Visit us today to enhace your physical and mental skills through Krav Maga Training!