Training Programs

by Krav Maga Experts

Krav Maga Experts Training Programs

Adult, children, corporate, and customized fitness programs.


This workshop series will focus on self-defense situations at different settings, (home, street or college campuses.) The workshops focus on developing the right mindset, confident body language, verbal self-defense skills and physical preparedness to maintain one’s personal safety.


The Krav Maga Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) offers the most advanced curriculum of up-to-date techniques and tested implementations.


In a world where civilian targets are the norm, we teach you what actions can be taken when all other options are off the table. Terrorism poses a direct threat to each New Yorker and American. The public demanded and we answered the call.


Krav Maga Experts offers an intensive security training to corporate firms, company security units and others who wish to gain high skills in personal or location security. With vast combat and security experience, our instructors bring a comprehensive training programs using their real-life experience in one of the most challenging arenas around the world.


The Krav Maga Experts law enforcement courses are designed for law-enforcement units, special forces and security operatives. The Krav Maga Experts combat training courses include intensive tactical training, which combines realistic scenarios and on-scene solutions to varied situations.