Personal Training

by Krav Maga Experts

Krav Maga Experts Personal Training

Adult, children, corporate, and customized fitness programs.


Learn the most efficient self-defense, fighting system in the world. Krav Maga uses your instincts using simple moves that anyone can learn. Hone your techniques and deepen your knowledge-base of self-defense. Increased stamina, awareness, focus and a reduction in stress have all been associated with Krav Maga.


Krav Maga Experts fitness classes and Private Training program are the ultimate tool in shaping your body and mind to be the best version of yourself. Krav fit will enhance your strength, agility and endurance. Using dynamic and tailored program that will accommodate your schedule and get you results!


Our self-defense for women is one of the best way to enhance your skills. With our instructor you will learn one on one techniques, as we go over your weak points and strong points. Our Krav Maga Experts instructor will asses your abilities in the very first session and create a program that will make you the most efficient you!